For public users

Do you own a professional firm or shop in the centre of Belluno? Do you know that you can pay all or part of your customers’ parking rate simply by communicating their car registration plate online?

The communication takes place over the Internet after the person with the special deal’s password has been identified. In the case of a full payment of the parking charge, the user does not need to go to the automatic paying machine.

But you can also choose to pay your customers part of the parking rate by simply handing them a one-hour voucher with a PIN code. When they have to pay, the system will calculate the special discount for that particular code.

And private individuals

Private individuals can also sign a special agreement at Filù S.r.l.’s offices and be free to park when they want at Caffi.

The special agreement allows you to pay for the use of the car park every three months, via bank transfer and following an accounts rendering.
In addition to the special agreement, private individuals can also choose a prepaid (card free) system by charging the credit directly through the cash tills.